Kyle and I love cooking brunch!  But for once this post isn’t about us cooking brunch…  We got to actually eat it!!!  And when we get the chance to get brunch we take it seriously and choose carefully…  Our choice?  Dim Sum at The Source. On a Saturday morning while Kyle’s parents were visiting us to check out our NEW HOUSE (yay!) we wanted to take them to have an amazing meal.  Scott Drewno never ceases to amaze.  The Source is actually the first place Kyle and I ate when we moved to DC and from the remarkable food to impeccable service (their GM, Rikka, lives and breathes hospitality,) we knew we had made the right choice to move to DC.

We ate everything from octopus to frog, turnip cakes to insane dumplings and it was all to-die-for!  The bacon was unreal.  By the time we left Kyle’s father commented that he had eaten 5 things he had never tried before and didn’t think he would like and loved them all.  Kyle and I weren’t surprised!  Scott is not only a great guy but a wonderful chef as well.  Plus, the first cocktail I had was garnished with a mini sausage link…  I mean come on.  If that doesn’t show you they take brunch/dim sum seriously I don’t know what does!

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4 thoughts on “Brunch!

  1. My dear niece,

    I so enjoy reading your blogs. I loved the one on apples. I have had a love affair with tree ripened apples for my entire life, due to growing up in Colorado by a town called Fruita. I come from a long line of fresh fruit pickers. I have found a couple places north of my home that have fresh picked fujis.

    On another note Aaron just moved to San Francisco and is working in hospitality. He is going out for dim sum as well for his 22 birthday this weekend. As you can imagine it is quite good in S.F.

    Hope you and Kyle are happy in your new home and have a Happy thanksgiving. I am proud of all your achievements. Love Aunt Kathy…

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